Funai Televisions

Funai Electric Company Limited is a Japanese consumer electronics firm created in the early 1960s. The Funai Corporation is an auxiliary company located in the United States, which sells Funai brand electronics like Emerson, Magnavox, Phillips and Sylvania. Aside from selling directly to the consumer through the Funai Corporation, Funai manufacture products such as televisions, home entertainment systems, video recorders and players for other companies like Sharp and Toshiba. Dell and Lexmark even have the Funai Electric Company create their printers and Kodak has them produce their digital cameras.

Funai televisions are marketed and sold under the brand names Sylvania, Emerson, and Symphonic, but manufactured at the Japanese base. While many of these brand names are for low priced consumer electronics, with the Phillips and Magnavox brands being added to the Funai line, it is hoped that they will launch the Funai televisions into bigger and better stores than the bulk or warehouse-type sales venues.

The Sylvania line of products includes LCD televisions and video players and recorders. The new HDTV televisions from Sylvania are not only high definition, but also have crisp, clear audio with built in speakers. There are also a couple of the HDTVs with DVD or Blu-ray combination televisions. Stop by for more information about Funai televisions.

Emerson has a line of comparable offerings, much like Symphonic. Is there a noticeable difference in quality or price since they come from the same manufacturer? Most reviewers talk about liking televisions from all brands, but Emerson usually comes out on top in terms of styling and overall aesthetic appeal. The Sylvania tends to be a bit pricier than the other brands, but the picture quality and sound are unbelievably great.

Symphonic is another brand under the Funai name. Their concentration of products is with the television, DVD and VCR areas. They produce combination products and sleek, LCD TVs as well. Energy efficient with clear picture quality and elegant design features, a Symphonic electronic product is a great value. The Phillips line was acquired by the purchase of a brand license by Funai and now they market, distribute, and sell the Phillips line of electronics. Phillips is still the manufacturer of their product and provides all of the customer service for their line before the acquisition.

Magnavox is an ancillary company of Phillips and for a while, the two brands were marketed under a combined name. That practice only served to confuse the customers and now they are marketed separately once again. Magnavox, along with Phillips are brand names that are considered higher end than Symphonic and Emerson and with that reputation comes a slightly higher price.

Funai is a leader in manufacturing and distributing high quality consumer electronics and are committed to providing what their customer base is looking for. To this end, the Funai Corporation has won several awards, including the Supplier of the Year award from Wal-Mart in 2008. Funai has worldwide reputation as a quality company that turns out innovative consumer electronic products and office equipment.

Repeatedly, Funai electronic products, especially televisions, outrank the competition in customer feedback and ratings. Most of the discrepancies in the selection of any Funai brand are within the options of styling.